Eat well, do good

Together, we can improve lives from farm to table by cultivating real, positive change in how our food is grown, harvested, and consumed.


Our Mission

GoodFarms is on a mission to improve lives from farm to table. A portion of your purchase makes a difference by cultivating positive change.


Our Values

Treat others like we want to be treated

Be good stewards of the environment

Be willing to give before we get

Strive for win-win solutions

Share the wealth and credit

Have fun!


Our Passion

Food is our passion! Yes, we grow some fantastic fruits and vegetables, but it’s about more than that. It’s about nourishing our bodies and delighting our souls. It’s about creating a symphony of flavors. It’s about bringing together family and friends to celebrate life. It’s about sharing cultures through food. It’s about…well we could go on and on.


Together we can:

Reduce food waste
Protect our environment
Feed a hungry world
Find alternatives for hazardous pesticides
Increase productivity and farm wages
End slavery and forced labor
Get children out of the fields and into schools
We also want to help you have fun and celebrate life with food that nourishes your body and delights your soul. Here’s to good food, good health, good friends, good times, good farms. Cheers